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Local is one of the most important communities to support right now as we are all stuck at home and looking for some fun entertainment. Our mission is to rock the local music scene, bring you the best artists and support local community. 

Local Music Channel live performance music video live stream shows, concert and documentary specials are the best place to watch awesome musicians and find new and music. Watch on our website or on major social media platforms.

It’s free for you so kick back, grab your buds, family, pet or favorite stuffed animal and enjoy some kick ass music. 

Once venues open back up, if you’re traveling or live in the neighborhood use Local Music Channel as a resource to find great live music to enjoy. As a result, you won’t be disappointed by watching quality videos to help you decide. We show you amazing musicians and cool local places musicians perform.

A documentary music series gives you a wonderful view into the world of the musicians and community because who doesn’t like to learn about where they live or visit. Check out Local Music Channel on YouTube.

Live music shows bring people together to bond and create long lasting friendships that transcend time. Furthermore, it’s all about good times with friends, building community while enjoying great live music performances. We hope LMC videos inspire you to check out the artists in your area and be in one of our videos! Watch one of our live streams with a group of friends on your favorite online platform and please practice safe social distancing.

LMC, Inc. are experts in live stream video, music video, documentary and live event video production. For more information contact Local Music Channel.

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