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A livestream extravaganza, LMC brings amazing musicians weekly for you to kick back and hang out. Watch the SIP Music Series on Fridays and specials throughout the month!

WORLD PREMIERE LIVESTREAM on the SIP Music Series with A Reminder! Friday at 8:30 pm PST.

A Reminder is an ambient alternative rock band from Los Angeles, California consisting of Jonathan Burkes (Vocals, Bass), Richard Abagon (Guitars, Vocals), Kenny Ramirez (Drums and Samples) and Edwin Portillo (Keys and Synths). The L.A. natives draw their sound from a palette of dark shoegaze/post punk aesthetics, ambient rock and a weighted dynamic range of emotive vocals. Their music reflects somber to bombastic to ethereal and epic moods sometimes within a single track and are speckled with electronic musings. Immerse your senses in their sonic expanse and enjoy the ride.

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Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Local Music Channel wishes everyone safety and good health. We created (Shelter In Place) SIP Music Series which you can view right here on our website or on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Instagram to watch artists perform. Join the newsletter or follow Local Music Channel on social media. Tap in and take a break. We love you and wish you good health this year!

(More cities coming soon)

Once venues open back up, use the LMC search tool to find shows and local music venues. Local Music Channel shows well-produced live performance music videos with great audio of musicians local to the area. In our videos, you will see the venue and artists so you can decide where you want to go to see a live local music performance. It’s by community for community.


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