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Live stream weekly Wednesday and special performances during the week! Begins 6:30 pm PST

Text: LocalMusic to 52236 to get show updates. We will only text you when a show occurs that day.

SIP Music Series with Pamela Parker, Wednesday, and TALKER, Thursday both at 7:10 pm!

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Local Music Channel wishes everyone safety and good health. We created (Shelter In Place) SIP Music Series which you can view right here on our website or on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Twitch and Instagram to watch artists perform. Join the newsletter or follow Local Music Channel on social media. Tap in and take a break. We love you and wish you good health this year!

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Musicians United for Justice

Musicians United for Justice concert Local Music ChannelMusicians United for Justice is a special online live music concert. This is our response to the current events affecting our communities by voicing how we feel and the things we can do to make serious change.

This benefit concert will help social justice arts organization Hip Hop for Change as well as artists who are suffering from complete loss of work due to the pandemic.


Thank you for contributing to the Musicians United for Justice benefit. Your contribution will support the social justice arts org Hip Hop for Change as well as the artists.

Concord Couch Concerts Special

Special showing of Concord Couch Concerts.

Text: LocalMusic to 52236 to get show updates. We will only text you when a show occurs that day.

LMC and Concord Couch Concerts blast off your July 4th weekend with a fun music series featuring artists from the Northern California Bay Area. It’s funky, rootsy, mixed with rock, pop and electronic music to get your heart pumping in a good way!

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(More cities coming soon)

Once venues open back up, use the LMC search tool to find shows and local music venues. Local Music Channel shows well-produced live performance music videos with great audio of musicians local to the area. In our videos, you will see the venue and artists so you can decide where you want to go to see a live local music performance. It’s by community for community.


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